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Product number: RB-Usg-02

Weatherproof module allows you to determine your position anywhere on the planet using the free GPS network.
• USB interface

The USGlobalSat BU-353 GPS Receiver can be utilized in a variety of applications that may require a magnetic mounting with a waterproof configuration. With non-slip on the base and its compact design, the BU-353 is completely self-contained and waterproof. It incorporates the latest SiRF Star III GPS chipset and an active patch antenna so you receive the highest degree of GPS accuracy.

Typical application may include, but not limited to marine, aviation, and commercial environments in such uses as fire truck, police cars, buses, utility & long haul vehicles. The extended 5 feet long cable allows for easy routing behind headliners and side panels to terminate at a USB connector for interfacing with your Laptop / ibook. / PowerBook.

Detailed Selling Lead Description

HI-204III WATERPROOF Ultra High Sensitive GPS Receiver HI-204III is a GPS receiver with PS/II mini-DIN interfaces and built-in active antenna for high sensitivity to tracking signal. HI-204III is well suited to system integration and users who use any kinds of mobile devices, such as, PDA, notebook PC, Tablet PC, etc. It satisfies a wide variety of applications for car navigation, personal navigation or touring devices, tracking and marine navigation purpose. Users can simply plug it into a PDA or other type of handheld PC running with suitable mapping and routing software for navigation. Standard Package: Before you start up, make sure that your package includes the following items. If any items are missing or damaged, contact your dealer immediately. HI-204III GPS Receiver unit Suction CUP User Manual CD (including User Manual, HaiTest Testing Program) Optional Accessories: PS/II to PDA connector and car charger PS/II to DB9 adapting cable PS/II to USB adapting cable OVERVIEW: Fast Acquisition Enhanced Sensitivity 20 Channels All-In-View Tracking GPS Sensor Module. The receiver continuously tracks all satellites in view and provides accurate satellite positioning data. The HI-204III is optimized for applications requiring good performance, low cost, and maximum flexibility; suitable for a wide range of OEM configurations including handhelds, sensors, asset tracking, PDA-centric personal navigation system, and vehicle navigation products. Its 20 parallel channels and 4000 search bins provide fast satellite signal acquisition and short startup time.

•USB Interface
•V3.1.1 Firmware
•SiRF Star III high performance GPS Chipset
•Very high sensitivity (Tracking Sensitivity: -159dBm)
•Extremely fast TTFF (Time To First Fix) at low signal level
•Supports SIRF Binary and NMEA 0183 data protocols
•Built-in SuperCap to preserve system data for rapid satellite acquisition
•WAAS capable (enabled by default giving ~5 meter accuracy)
•Built-in patch antenna
•Super-cohesive magnetic for mounting on the car
•LED indicator for GPS fix or not fix
LED OFF: Receiver switch off
LED ON: No fixed, Signal searching
LED Flashing: Position Fixed

Tracking sensitivity of -159dBm offers good navigation performance even in urban canyons having limited sky view. Satellite-based augmentation systems, such as WAAS and EGNOS, are supported to yield improved accuracy. Both the LVTTL-level and RS232-level serial interface are provided on the interface connector. Supply voltage of 3.3V, or 3.8V~12V are supported. FEATURES: 20 parallel channel GPS receiver 4000 simultaneous time-frequency search bins SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS) support -159dBm tracking sensitivity < 8 second hot start < 40 second cold start Technical Specifications: Electrical Characteristics Items Description Chipset GSP3F SiRF StarIII technology General Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz C/A code 1.023 MHz chip rate Channels 20 Accuracy Position 10 meters, 2D RMS 5 meters 2D RMS, WAAS corrected <5meters(50%), DGPS corrected Velocity 0.1 meters/second Time 1 microsecond synchronized to GPS time Datum Default WGS-84 Other selectable for other Datum Acquisition Rate (Open Sky & Stationary Requirements) Reacquisition 0.1 sec., average Snap start 1 sec., average Hot start 8 sec., average Warm start 38 sec., average Cold start 42 sec., average Dynamic Conditions Altitude 18,000 meters (60,000 feet) max. Velocity 515 meters/second (1000 knots) max. Acceleration 4g, max. Jerk 20 meters/second3, max. Power Main power input 5V DC input. Power consumption 0.38 W (continuous mode) Supply Current 75mA Backup power 3 V Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery Dimension 43mm L x 42mm W x 13mm H Weight 23g LED INDICATOR LED flashing 0.25Hz Signal Searching LED flashing 1Hz Position Fixed

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Deep foliage, nor canyons phase the rugged eTrex Legend HCx. Its high-sensitivity GPS receiver GPS Tracker GPS Antenna GPS Logger holds a GPS signal in the toughest environments. Similar to the Legend Cx, this handheld navigator also has a bright color screen, microSD™ card slot and automatic routing for wherever adventure takes you.

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