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SecuPOD GPS/GPRS Personal Tracker


SECUPOD Personal Tracker The SecuPOD Personal Tracker is a mobile GPS and communication device that allows you to keep in touch with your Family members, Protect your children, monitor your employees and provides GPS Location and Navigation help. Always On-Duty: The SecuPOD will automatically memorize the last available satellite position, Upon entering a building or loss of GPS signal, you will still be able to know the right location. Safety Geo-Fence: Geo-Fences can be stored to the SecuPOD, when the wearer either moves in or out of a predefined area, you and your other contact persons will receive an alarm SMS message with the Location, Time and Street name.

Bracelet-type Personal Tracking and Communication System


PT-200 is the smallest and the most powerful Bracelet-type personal tracking and communication system in the world. Using highly sensitive GPS module and tri-band GSM module, the personal bracelet tracker can perform tracking and security for personnel and pets in all over the world. Further with very low power consumption, the PT-200 stays on duty for more than 50 hours without recharging the battery.

There are 3 approaches for the remote site to track and monitor the PT-200

  • Using regular cellular phone and unmanned control center
  • Using smart phone and control software with E-map on the smart phone
  • Using man-serviced control center

We can choose the most appropriate approach to perform the tracking and monitoring to provide the total safety to the users.


* GPS and GSM dual positioning functions
* SOS Emergency button for help
* Incoming call to report positioning info
* Remote site continuous tracking
* Incoming call oscillation to remind users to take this call
* Two single-key emergency dial-out numbers
* Remote monitoring
* Automatic open-bracelet reporting
* Using cellular phone, smart phone, or man-serviced control center to track and monitor the PT-200
* Easy one-button operation
* Tri-band GSM module for worldwide tracking and monitoring
* Highly Sensitive GPS module
* GPS/ GSM signal LED display
* Device on, low battery, and charging LED display
* Using SIM Card phone book to set reporting numbers and parameters to make the interface easy
* Self-testing function
* Long standby time for more than 50 hours
* Car/ home charger available


* Dimension: 60 x 65 x 23 (mm)
* Weight: 200 (g)
* GSM frequency: Tri-band 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz
* Battery: 1200mah (Rechargeable)
* Power Consumption: standby 20ma, max.250ma
* Operating time: standby for more than 50 hours , continuous talking for 4 hours


Elder, children, marathoner, bike racer, police, postman, secret agent, mountain climber, rescuer, probationer, and pets etc.

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