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Fleet Management Products and Services

At Enterprise Fleet Management, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and services that address all aspects of your fleet management needs.  We'll assemble a customized program that is just right for your business.
Vehicle Acquisition
We are able to provide the best value on fleet vehicles.
Fleet Financing
We offer flexible fleet financing and depreciation with fixed or variable costs.
Fleet Maintenance
We offer two fleet mainte-nance programs designed to manage your fleet vehicle expenses.
Fleet Insurance Services
Our fleet insurance ser-vices have local relation-ships that provide fast turnaround on your claims.
Fleet Fuel Management
We can help make your fleet fuel management simpler.
Fleet Credit Card Services
You have the security and control you need with our fleet credit card services.
License & Registration
Enterprise Fleet Management handles everything for license renewal.
Learn how Enterprise Fleet Management's disposal program gives you higher returns.
Reporting & Internet Tools
Our Internet reporting tools help you with your overall fleet management.

Fleet Management

Optimize Your Entire Fleet Network.

With escalating transportation costs, companies continue to seek ways to meet their transportation needs while containing costs—either through traditional commercial carriers or by taking advantage of their own private fleets.

Fleet Management combines detailed fleet management functionality with proven commercial carrier management capabilities. With this solution, you can optimize your fleet network and drive profits without compromising efficiency and quality. Fleet Management solves the complex problem of enterprise-wide transportation optimization by splitting the issue into two parts: Shipment Planning and Dispatch Optimization.

With Shipment Planning, you can create efficient loads within the scheduling process and recommend resources to minimize transportation costs and maximize utilization. Dispatch Optimization is a continuous process to evaluate previously recommended resource assignments for loads based on up-to-date resource and load information. Together, these capabilities enable you to optimize your fleet and maximize efficiency throughout your transportation network.

Fleet Management

  • Manages both private and dedicated fleet and determines optimal use
  • Integrates evaluation of costs and constraints
  • Tailors costs and benefits to your transportation network
  • Maximizes non-fleet resources for more effective dock scheduling
  • Focuses on value-added services through decision support, exception management and real-time alerts
  • Improves resource utilization through regulatory compliance, schedule visibility and resource compatibilities

GPS vehicle tracking system enhances driver safety and fuel efficiency

Edmonton, AB September 18, 2007 – Tarpon Energy Services is taking steps to support driver safety with the recent installation of Safefreight's GPS fleet tracking technology - SmartFleet™. Tarpon can now monitor speed and other factors affecting driver safety. In addition to monitoring driver speed, this satellite tracking technology can also dispatch information about vehicle idling - a tactic designed to help Tarpon manage their fleet's fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.
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Fleet Management Solutions and Software That Bring Immediate ROI

Safefreight’s custom fleet solutions give you the tools to manage your vehicles, cargo conveyances (trailers and containers) and their freight to their fullest potential, and provides you a solid return on investment (ROI). Our solutions allow you to:

  • Enhance customer relations through better performance metrics
  • Minimize disruption of the supply chain 
  • Maximize fleet productivity with asset-centric monitoring and reporting based on your business objectives
  • Fortify driver, vehicle and cargo security that will minimize losses, support better customer relations and mitigate or decrease insurance premiums

Our SmartFleet™ System provides location, security and diagnostic information from our smart onboard devices - SecurityGuard™, and EnCompass™ - through to your desktop computer (or any web-enabled device) with our asset-to-Internet software - SmartFleet™ Manager.

SmartFleet™ Manager is fully scalable and communications agnostic. It allows for the easy integration of other technologies like diagnostic sensors and client applications already in place - like routing and dispatch software. 

Safefreight – Your Homeland Security Transportation Specialist

Our SmartFleet™ System provides  you with complete situational awareness and control of fleet assets to mitigate security threats.

You benefit from the following features and services:

24/7 situational awareness by tracking the location and movement of mobile assets. Dispatch can send a query to determine the current or last position of a vehicle or trailer. Onboard hardware can also be programmed to report location information at any chosen time or distance interval. 

Enhanced route planning through more efficient, safe routing optimization. 

Security alert notification to pre-established key contacts when onboard sensors, including tamper, volumetric, door, radiation, temperature are tripped. 

Trailer disconnect notification when a trailer has been disconnected to its assigned truck, or if it is connected to an alien truck. 

Geo-fencing of mobile assets to provide a digital, geographic perimeter of security. Once this asset-centric fence is broken, an alert is immediately sent to notify key contacts of the breach. 

Geo-zoning a digital geographic boundary of any shape around high-risk areas such as nuclear facilities. If your vehicle crosses into the landmarked area, you’ll know about it instantly so that you can take immediate action. 

Panic buttons that alert dispatch or call centers to driver distress or emergency situations when the button is activated by the driver. 

Forensic software that provides a log of location, speed, working hours, idle time, alarms and vehicle history. 

Full integration of software and systems into existing platforms, along with training, support and resources that will ensure smooth transition for your business.

Enterprising Mobile Asset Management Solutions Built Just for You


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Deep foliage, nor canyons phase the rugged eTrex Legend HCx. Its high-sensitivity GPS receiver GPS Tracker GPS Antenna GPS Logger holds a GPS signal in the toughest environments. Similar to the Legend Cx, this handheld navigator also has a bright color screen, microSD™ card slot and automatic routing for wherever adventure takes you.

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