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Marine GPS Uses

Boating has become a popular hobby that is enjoyed by many people. There are many types of boats available for the average person. Boats can be purchased for saltwater and freshwater fishing, for water sports, for sailing, for long ocean cruises and for a full-time residence. These boats range in price from a few thousand to millions of dollars. Whatever the cost or use of the boat, all boats should have basic boating equipment, including a marine GPS. Marine GPS is a wonderful safety

feature for the boater. When the boat is out on the open water, if an emergency arises, the boat can easily be tracked by emergency services that then can provide quick and necessary help.

Everyday Uses for Marine GPS

The most used feature of the GPS device is location assistance. The marine GPS is used to get to a location for a vessel, and then by following the GPS, getting the boat back to where it started. This makes a day on the water much safer than it used to be without this technology and eliminates much of the safety risk that used to be a concern for boating hobbyists. Another function of a marine GPS is to mark a location where the fish are biting particularly well. This can be a particularly useful function for a fisherman who can program the exact spot on the Marine GPS, which will make it easier to find the next time he is out on the water. Waypoints can also be added to the GPS, so that the fishing enthusiast can stop at these points and check out the fishing.

Marine GPS For Commercial Use

Just as the civilian and personal side of marine GPS has grown, the commercial side has made the marine GPS mandatory. Large fishing vessels also use GPS to find fish and to navigate the ocean waters. It can also help to keep the crew safe by avoiding storms and directing boats on the safest route home. This use can and probably has saved many lives, making it an essential piece of equipment for the commercial vessels today. Another use for marine GPS is for freighters and cruise ships. The GPS can be used to avoid potentially dangerous obstacles in the ocean. While charts are still used quite often by boats, these maps can be backed up by GPS to confirm the actual place that the boat is located. This can help these large vessels to confirm locations and avoid undersea obstacles. Oil spills can become less of an issue if the captain knows exactly where they are and how to avoid them.

GPS Marine Tracking Systems/Vessel Tracking   Description & introduction & definition & terms

GPS Vessel Tracking/GPS Marine Tracking Systems


Quelle: HCI

Marine navigation was for centuries celestial navigation, introduced by the Portuguese. Prior to the development of celestial navigation, sailors navigated by "deduced" reckoning. This was the method used by Columbus and most other sailors of his era. At those days, the ship's speed was measured by throwing a piece of flotsam over the side of the ship.

Today marine tracking / vessel tracking is a more sophisticated bussiness. Marine tracking means nowadays to trace an object on sea with the Global Positioning System. But on the contrary to track objects on land, by which the location data is mostly transmitted via cell/mobile phone systems, at sea the only possibility to have access to the data are satellite communication systems.



The following companies offer state of the art GPS marine tracking technology

Almex Marine

Almex offers global: tracking, e-mail, remote control + Ship Security Alertis based on Inmarsat satellites services. It is global satellite network covering whole world except for polar regions. Inmarsat enables worldwide communications.

User access: e-mail, fax, phone.

Coverage area: worldwide.


Global positioning systems (GPS) have become more familiar to consumers in recent years. In addition to being used in cellular phones for safety, GPS systems are also available in automobiles as navigation systems. You can even purchase accessories for your PDA or laptop to use GPS to get directions and find points of interest around you.

If you own a boat, a marine GPS unit can be a useful addition to your maritime accessories. It can provide you with detailed information about the course that you are charting, including depth contours, tidal zones, buoys, and other relevant navigational items. In addition, a marine GPS unit can guide you toward popular fishing locations and help you to avoid dangerous areas.

Some marine GPS units also enable you to save the route that you have mapped out on removable media cards. You may then be able to transfer the information that you have saved to a computer. You can also find marine GPS units available that transform your laptop computer into a GPS system, which may be advantageous because the monitor will be larger than what you will find on most GPS systems.

One of the key features that differentiates marine GPS systems from standard navigational units used in cars is that they are waterproof. The battery and memory card compartments are designed to protect them, and some marine GPS units will float if they are accidentally dropped overboard. With a link to satellites, marine GPS units can provide you with all the help that you are accustomed to receiving from your car's navigational system.

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