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CoPilot USB GPS Receiver Review 10th May 2004

Review by Dave Burrows


CoPilot comes in a number of different bundles, whether you want a Compact Flash GPS Receiver, a Serial GPS Receiver, a USB GPS Receiver or even a Bluetooth GPS Receiver. This review is based upon the USB GPS Receiver.


The CoPilot USB GPS is based around the Rikaline GPS-6010, it differs in the fact that it doesn't have a PS/2 style connector, it comes supplied in a USB connector for connecting to a USB enabled Laptop, Notebook or Tablet PC and is rebranded CoPilot.


The CoPilot USB GPS Receiver comes bundled with CoPilot Laptop 7 (a review is available here of the software).


In The Box

When you open up the box you will find:-

  • DVD style box with 2xCoPilot CD's for Western Europe
  • USB (or Serial) GPS Receiver
TravRoute CoPilot USB GPS Receiver Add TravRoute CoPilot USB GPS Receiver to Favourites! $195.95 $159.95 What is the TravRoute CoPilot USB GPS Receiver ? Click to enlarge The TravRoute CoPilot USB GPS Receiver is a separate GPS receiver that can be used with your existing GPS software. Compatible with all PCs with USB ports. Specifications of the TravRoute CoPilot USB GPS Receiver: Chipset: SiRFstarIIe/LP Channels: 12 Channels all-in-view tracking WAAS-enabled: Yes Connection Type: USB Position Update: 1/sec Accuracy: 25 meters CEP (rated), typical <5m Time to First Fix: - Reacquision: 0.1 sec. - Hot Start: < 8 sec., on average - Warm Start: < 38 sec., on average - Cold Start: < 45 sec., on average Cable Length: 2 meters Magnet: On bottom, can be secured to car roof (water resistant shell) TravRoute CoPilot USB GPS Receiver Package Includes: - 12-channel high performance USB GPS Receiver. - USB Cable

The Globalsat BU-303 has all the hardware necessary for you to use GPS Satellite Information on your Notebook PC or Laptop and enables easy and convenient connecting to your computer through a USB connector.

If you already have SatNav application software such as ViaMichelin Mapsonic / Navigator, Destinator, Alturion, CoPilot, InfoMap Navigator or one of many others, and you need a GPS receiver to provide your position, velocity and time data, this perfectly suits your needs.

Ideal for use in Motorhomes, Boats & Large Vehicles
1. "SiRF Star II/LP" high performance and low
      power consumption chipset.
2. All-in-view 12-channel parallel processing.
3. Built-in active antenna.
4. High sensitivity to satellite signal.
5. Cold start under 45 seconds, average.
6. Superior urban canyon performance.
7. FoliageLock for weak signal tracking.
8. Build-in SuperCap to reserve system data for
      rapid satellite acquisition.
9. Supported NMEA 0183 command: GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC,
      GLL, VTG
10. Super-cohesive magnetic for mounting on the car.
11. LED indicator for GPS fix or not fix.
        LED OFF: Receiver switch off
        LED ON : No fixed, Signal searching
        LED Flashing: Position Fixed
12. Non-slip on the bottom
13. USB interface connection port

Interface USB Interface
Output Messages NMEA0183 V2.2 protocol, and supports command:GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, GLL, VTG
Datum WGS84
Hot Start 8 sec.average
Warm Start 38 sec.average
cold Start 45 sec.average
Altitude Limit 18,000m(60,000 feet)Max.
Re-acquisition 100ms
Velocity Limit 515 meters/sec(1000knots)Max
Jerk Limit 20 m/sec**3
Horizontal Accuracy 15m 2d RMS without SA
                                      5m 2d RMS WAAS enabled
Velocity Accuracy 0.1m/sec 95%
Time Accuracy 1us synchronized to GPS time
Dimension 59 mm*47mm*21mm
Power Consumption 80 mA(include Antenna)
Storage Temperature -40C ~ 85C
Operation Temperature -40C ~ 80C
Humidity Up to 95% non - Condensing
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Deep foliage, nor canyons phase the rugged eTrex Legend HCx. Its high-sensitivity GPS receiver GPS Tracker GPS Antenna GPS Logger holds a GPS signal in the toughest environments. Similar to the Legend Cx, this handheld navigator also has a bright color screen, microSD™ card slot and automatic routing for wherever adventure takes you.

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