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GPS Tracking Devices are Showing Up Everywhere.

What used to be priceless military technology is now something you might find in a rental car, wristwatch or even in your cell phone. Anti-theft auto tracking systems use them, heavy construction equipment may have them and most boat owners have at least one. Anytime you want to know your exact location, the GPS tracking device becomes an indispensable tool. Feature rich GPS units are now more affordable then ever for the average person but how do you know which one is right for you?


Let’s look at few tips to consider prior to buying your next GPS unit.


First, what is GPS tracking?


GPS or (Global Positioning System) technology was initially designed to be used by the U.S. military, and is still used by the U.S. Defense Department. A system of satellites sends signals to a GPS system device which then calculates the current position by latitude and longitude. Once the GPS device knows its own position, it can help the user determine direction and distance to other locations.


GPS tracking devices can be used to navigate your car through traffic day-to-day or vehicle fleet tracking. Not only can a driver use an auto GPS system for directions, but the corporate office knows where each vehicle is. GPS Systems can be used while outdoors for activities such as hiking or camping.


Do you love fishing but get frustrated trying to find the fish? With a GPS fish finder, which uses both GPS technology and sonar you’ll know exactly where to find those fish. GPS technology is also being used as a way to track your pet with a GPS accessory such as a GPS enabled pet collar.


Another use for GPS is as a child tracking device with a receiver in a child’s cell phone or wristwatch to ensure their safety. Real time vehicle tracking systems can be used in a teenager’s vehicle in order to know where they are and at what speed they are driving. Covert GPS tracking could also be used to keep track of someone who tends to ‘roam’ but is not capable enough to find there way back such as someone suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.


As GPS technology improves and the range of GPS Products and Accessories grow, it's uses will increase. Some of the more trusted manufactures are Garman GPS, Magellan, Pharos, Cobra and TomTom


With Just a Click of the Mouse You Will Have the Security and Confidence of Never Getting Lost Again!


And, there is truly much more. By finding the exact GPS Product for your needs (we provide you the right information to make the best decision) and purchasing it online, you will not have to visit store after store to scan through isle after isle, instead you can easily compare a wide selection of models from "the Best" manufacturers in the comfort and safety of your own home, then purchase with the knowledge that you have a safe and secure 30 day guarantee period from an established and trustworthy company.

L.A. Cops Fight Car Chases With GPS Devices

Los Angeles police will propel a GPS device onto a fleeing car. The device will stick to the car and track its location. That'll hopefully reduce dangerous high-speed chases.
By Laurie Sullivan
TechWeb News
Π3, 2006 06:15 H

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) will become the first law enforcement agency to outfit cars with a device that propels and sticks a Global Positioning System (GPS) onto a fleeing car.

The department will mount the StarChase LLC device in the grill of some squad cars in the fall. "Officers in the car would control a green laser light, similar to an aiming device that fixes on your target," said LAPD Lieutenant Paul Vernon on Friday. "A small dart-like device is propelled from the officer's car."

The LAPD is hopeful the GPS device will reduce the number of high-speed car chases through the city. The department conducted more than 600 vehicle pursuits in 2005, up from 581 in the prior year, said Vernon.

Rather than engage in a high-speed chase that is dangerous for the public and police, an officer can trigger the GPS tracking device from their car. The officer also will have a remote unit, about the size of a device that unlocks a car, when they're outside the patrol car.

Each StarChase unit can fire two GPS tracking devices in case the first one misses or does not stick to the vehicle. The GPS device consists of a battery and a radio transmitter embedded in an epoxy compound. The tag affixes to the suspect's vehicle and transmits its location via satellite to police headquarters where it is superimposed over a map displayed on a computer.

The GPS tag activates at impact. It transmits the car's exact position via a wireless modem. An encrypted cellular backbone delivers continuous position updates to the StarChase server that pushes location-based information to authorized users through a password-protected Web portal.

The delay between the transmission and the refresh-picture rate from the Web server is about two to three seconds. The system uses data transmission encryption to ensure security. StarChase said the platform is approved by the National Security Agency.

The LAPD expects trails to last between four and six months. The technology is still in development. A few questions remain. For example, it's not clear the optimal distance a patrol car must follow behind a vehicle in pursuit. Vernon said it's probably "similar distance an officer would be in most gun fights, which is fairly close, about 21 feet."

The GPS device is one of three new technologies the department will deploy. Others include a small Taser gun and a new crime analysis lab.

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