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RBT-2100, a multi-wireless GPS consumer product, is the smallest Bluetooth GPS receiver with newest SiRF Star III GPS chip. It has a built-in replaceable and rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, just like your cell phone. With the dimension of 71 x 41 x 25mm and weighs only 62g, making it an ideal solution to carry everywhere. Its 20-channel receiver allows for extreme fast TTFF at low signal level and continuous tracking of all visible satellites. By wearing this Bluetooth GPS around your neck and having your bluetooth integrated with any kind of mobile device, such as PDA, it will provide your exact location almost anywhere.

  • SiRF Star III GPS chipset
  • 20 parallel channels
  • NMEA0183 compliant protocol
  • Extreme fast TTFF at low signal level.
  • High sensitivity acquisition
  • Power saving features
  • Industrial Standard
  • Built-in Re-chargeable battery
  • More than 8 hrs. of operating time
  • SBAS(WAAS/ ENGOS) is supported

      RBT-2100 Specification:
    Frequency: L1,1,575.42 MHz
    Code: C/A code
    Channels: 20 Channels all-in-view tracking
    System Back Up: Replaceable built-in Li-Ion battery
    Operation Time > 8hr at full charge continuous operation mode
    Chipset Sensitivity: -159dBM
    Position: 10m 90%
    Velocity: 0.1 meters/second, without SA
    Time: 1 microsecond synchronized to GPS time
    Acquisition Time  
    Requisition Time: 0.1 sec.
    Chipset Cold Start: 35 sec. @Open sky
    Chipset Warm Start: 35 sec. @Open Sky
    Chipset Hot Start: 1 sec. @Open Sky
    Dynamic Conditions  
    Altitude: <18,000 meter
    Velocity: <515 meter/second
    Acceleration: <4g
    Connection: Bluetooth(Class 2) Serial Port Profile
    Protocol: GGA,GSA,GSV(5),RMC,57600
    Power Built-in rechargeable battery and DC input
    Battery: 680mAh Li-Ion
    Antenna type: Built-in Antenna (external antenna optional)
    Physical characteristic  
    Dimension: 70(L) x 41(W) x 25(H) mm
    Weight 62g
    Operation Temperature: -10oC ~ +60oC
    Storage temperature: -10oC ~ +60oC
    Relative Humidity: 5% ~ 95%

  • This package includes: 1 RBT-2001 Mini Bluetooth GPS Receiver, 1 12VDC car charger and 1 home/office AC charger.

    Mini Bluetooth GPS Receiver

    By Caroline Warnes | Monday | 11/12/2006

    A new mini Bluetooth GPS receiver combines fashion with function, according to its local distributor.

    The EMTAC mini-S3 is designed to complement smart phones and other handheld devices.

    It weighs in at just 60 grams and measures 67mm x 48mm x 22mm, so it can easily be slipped into any pocket, distributor Travroute says.

    It is almost one-third the size of its preceding model, the S3, but still offers all the function of that model, according to Travroute.

    The mini-S3 works by transmitting GPS position data over Bluetooth. You can position the receiver for the best reception in a wireless environment.

    It is compatible with everything from notebooks to Bluetooth-enabled mobiles and uses a replaceable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which allows eight hours of continuous use.

    The mini-S3 receiver retails for $199.95. More information is available at


    * Feature

    Builds on SiRFstarIII chipset with embedded ARM7TDMI CPU available for customized
    applications in firmware
    20 parallel satellite-tracking channels for fast acquisition and reacquisition
    200,000 effective correlators for fast TTFF (Time-To-Fast-Fix), and Extremely fast TTFF*s at low signal level
    Built-in hardware Tracking Loop Processor WAAS/EGNOS Demodulator support
    Built-in repeatable and rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for Time- to- First-Fix(TTFF)
    Support NMEA 0183 v2.2 data protocol
    Enhanced algorithms provide superior navigation performance in urban, canyon and foliage environments.
    For Car Navigation, Marine Navigation, Fleet Management, AVL and Location-Based
    Services, Auto Pilot, Personal Navigation or touring devices,Tracking devices/systems and Mapping devices application

    Product descriptions and specifications are subjected to change without prior notification. Please refer to the manufacturer's website for current product information.


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