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Add GPS Positioning Functionality to your Electronic System
DeLorme GPS modules contain a complete GPS positioning engine for fast and precise position fixes in a wide variety of applications
Compact Module Design for Small Spaces
The surface mount module contains an RF front end and complete GPS receiver in a 25x25mm package - just add an external antenna, serial communications, and power source to produce GPS positional data
Take Advantage of DeLorme GPS Expertise to Save Time and Money
OEMS can leverage our GPS competence to adopt GPS navigation solutions into their products without having to become GPS and RF (radio frequency) experts themselves

The module GPS161 generates GPS disciplined standard frequencies and pulses per second and is the ideal solution for synchronization tasks therefore. To realize various requirements concerning the accurracy of the frequency outputs, the module GPS161 may be equipped with different master oscillators (see table oscillator list, except Rubidium).
The board provides two RS232 interfaces and status outputs. The compact size of the board GPS161 allows easy integration into the user's application.

Helsinki, Finland - May 22, 2006- Fastrax Ltd., a leading provider of open and portable OEM GPS Software Development Kit environments and programmable OEM GPS receivers, today announced the latest additions to its uPatch family of ultra-compact receiver modules with an integrated high-performance patch antenna.

Based on the Sony CXD2951 chipset, all uPatch receiver modules offer very high navigation performance in a compact, cost-effective design. The receivers are ideally suited for navigation and recreational devices as well as GPS Mouse type applications in which high performance and low cost are key issues.

uPatch 100-S: High performance with an ultra-small footprint
The RoHS-compliant uPatch100-S expands the Fastrax line of GPS receivers based on Sony GPS chipsets. The uPatch100-S is an ultra-small OEM GPS receiver with a built-in antenna. With a form factor of only 22 x 22 x 8 mm, it is a compact and versatile receiver for NMEA-only applications. Typical Hot Start Time to First Fix (TTFF) is 3 seconds, while state-of-the-art signal acquisition and tracking circuitry enables reliable navigation with weak signals and in difficult environments.

uPatch 101: Design flexibility through advanced power management
The RoHS-compliant uPatch 101 is a new addition to the uPatch product family. The compact receiver offers all the flexibility and high performance of other Fastrax OEM GPS modules, while providing additional options for product design through an integrated battery backup capacitor for low power modes.

uPatch 102: The ideal upgrade path for uPatch 100 customers
The new uPatch102 is a RoHS-compliant upgrade to the previous-generation uPatch100 receiver module. The receiver features two additional I/O pins for baud rate selection, providing an interface that is otherwise identical to the uPatch100. This offers manufacturers the ideal way of upgrading their uPatch100-based designs for state-of-the art navigation performance while keeping hardware redesign time and costs to a minimum.

"We were looking for a small and cost-effective integrated GPS product that has outstanding ground track performance. The uPatch100-S meets our demanding requirements perfectly. Fastrax Engineering Services helped us to fine tune GPS functionality in our application and thus shorten the time to market significantly. These are critical success factors in today's competitive market," said Alessandro De Dominicis, Technical Director at Navionics, a Fastrax customer."We have received very positive feedback from pilot customers on the new uPatch products. The competitive price point together with excellent performance and compact size is what our customers have been waiting for," said Matti Räty, President and CEO of Fastrax.All Fastrax uPatch receiver modules are very easy to use. The interface pins carry all necessary signals for typical NMEA-only applications. The user needs only to connect the main and backup power supplies to make the receiver operational.For the uPatch 102 and uPatch100-S receivers, low-power backup battery mode is achieved simply by removing the main power supply at any time. The receiver will resume normal operation once the main power supply is reconnected. The uPatch 101 operates with power from the internal battery backup capacitor for up to six hours while main power is removed.

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Deep foliage, nor canyons phase the rugged eTrex Legend HCx. Its high-sensitivity GPS receiver GPS Tracker GPS Antenna GPS Logger holds a GPS signal in the toughest environments. Similar to the Legend Cx, this handheld navigator also has a bright color screen, microSD™ card slot and automatic routing for wherever adventure takes you.

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