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Personal Locator™  

The S-911 Personal Locator™ is a portable GPS tracking device which can be used as an emergency cellular phone with speed dialing for two-way voice communication. It can silently call any emergency number in the world for immediate assistance. The emergency silent call feature also provides a digitized voice message which can report the time, date, speed, heading, and location of a person in distress.

The S-911 can operate in both SMS and GPRS modes. This gives the S-911 the ability to transmit its position as a text message or it can be monitored in real-time via the internet.The S-911 has a unique Geo-Fence feature that can trigger an alert when the device enters or exits a pre-defined area. This is ideal for school security, field trips, correctional departments, car dealerships, VIPs, and security guards.The S-911 has a built-in high-sensitivity GPS receiver that can provide near-indoor and under bridge location capability where normal GPS is unable to do so.

The S-911's main goal is to help missing children, reduce kidnapping, and provide help for critical situations where immediate assistance is a must. This portable device measures
100 x 45 x 25 mm and has a built-in Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.

Product Description
Combining the power of GPS location technology and powerful, easy-to-use Microsoft mapping software, Streets and Trips 2005 GPS Locator is a back seat driver you'll always want along for the ride. This complete navigation package consists of two parts. First, the software-- which is compatible with your PC, Pocket PC device, or Smartphone-- puts essential driving information right at your fingertips.
The handy "GPS trail" feature keeps track of your trip so you can easily retrace your route.
Advanced points of interest searching allows you to find the services you need within a given radius.
Use the drawing and text tools to make notes on your maps.
Meanwhile, the included GPS receiver lets you turn your laptop or Pocket PC into a powerful GPS route-finding tool. The GPS unit pinpoints your exact location within the mapping software, offering an unprecedented level of control over your route, while giving you the real-time guidance you need to make your journey smooth and safe. The unit comes with a USB cable, so you can simply plug it into any USB-capable PC laptop and go.

Streets and Trips 2005
With Microsoft's advanced mapping software, you can easily find the route to that new restaurant across town, or to a vacation spot on the other side of the country. The software is designed to make planning and customizing your trips easy and fast.

the software comes packed with 5.4 million miles of local, city and highway roads across the United States and Canada, plus 1.8 million points of interest such as hotels, ATMs and restaurants, and other services. And because road conditions change frequently, you can avoid lengthy detours and delays by downloading current road construction information before your trip-- for free, of course.

While Streets and Trips has great basic mapping capabilities, a number of additional features make it really stand out. Easily customize your trip planning by specifying how many stops you want to take and when, or use "snap-routing" to make quick routing adjustments right on the map screen with a few clicks of the mouse. Plus, the software can show you how far you can travel in a given amount of time from anywhere on the map-- a great feature for planning side trips along your route. You can also optimize your route to find the most efficient ways to reach multiple destinations, while the fuel cost calculator predicts how much you'll spend based on your driving habits and the current cost of fuel. Lastly, drawing and annotation tools offer simple ways to add information to your maps for quick reference. Dress up your maps to your heart's content with arrows, text, highlighting, freehand drawing, and more.

Streets and Trips isn't just for your PC. The package includes Pocket Streets for both Pocket PCs and Smartphones. Now you can have access to your maps on all your devices, without any need for an internet connection.

GPS Locator
When combined with the Streets and Trips software, the GPS Locator brings your maps to life by displaying your exact current position and direction in an integrated "GPS pane" that is part of the Streets and Trips interface. The GPS unit also features GPS tracking and routing capabilities, which are especially useful when you get off track from your pre-planned route.


The GPS Locator comes with a USB cable for quick, easy connection to your PC laptop.
Should you make a wrong turn, the GPS unit's "GPS trail" feature leaves behind a virtual breadcrumb trail that shows you where you've been on your map, and makes it easy to get back on track. You can also use the handy "Re-route from here" command to quickly revise your directions and get back on your way to your destination-- a great feature for folks who like to take unexpected side trips.

The GPS Locator is designed to be easy to use with your laptop computer. Simply plug the included GPS hardware receiver into your laptop's USB port and you're set. If you already own a GPS receiver and want to use it with Streets and Trips 2005, the software's configuration wizard can help you quickly configure many third-party receivers. Because the GPS Locator has a modular design, the unit is also designed to be compatible with other portable devices. For instance, with proper accessories you can turn the unit into a wireless Bluetooth receiver or a CompactFlash/PCMCIA connected receiver. This gives you the flexibility to connect the GPS Locator to other mobile devices such as Pocket PCs.

From the Manufacturer
Microsoft Streets and Trips 2005 GPS is the GPS-enabled trip planning and mapping software with a GPS hardware solution that lets you know exactly where you are by giving you precise GPS functionality, plus a comprehensive and current array of maps, driving directions, route options, and points of interest to help you make the most of your trip.


  • GPS support: Orient yourself on the road with a GPS device running NMEA 2.0 or later. Simply plug the device into your machine running Streets and Trips and see your location.
  • Updated maps of the United States and Canada: more than 5.4 million miles of routable local, city, state, and highway roads in the United States and Canada--representing the 35,000+ U.S. and 700,000+ Canadian postal codes.
  • Route Planner: With Route Planner, you can view, add, delete, and rearrange destinations. Route Planner also lets you set fuel costs, driving speed, and preferred routes.
  • Find what’s nearby: locate more than 550,000 restaurants, 90,700 gas stations, 117,000 ATM locations, 7,950 golf courses, and much more.
  • Road construction updates: be aware of local construction and road closures through updated information that's available on the Web for easy download.
  • Pocket Streets for your Pocket PC: with Microsoft Pocket Streets running on your Pocket PC or Smartphone, you can download maps or export an area from Streets and Trips 2005.


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Deep foliage, nor canyons phase the rugged eTrex Legend HCx. Its high-sensitivity GPS receiver GPS Tracker GPS Antenna GPS Logger holds a GPS signal in the toughest environments. Similar to the Legend Cx, this handheld navigator also has a bright color screen, microSD™ card slot and automatic routing for wherever adventure takes you.

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