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GPS (Global Positioning System) devices are navigational tools used to determine specific location data, and are much more accurate than any previous system known to man. A GPS watch uses twenty-seven satellites and a wide network of powerful computers to calculate the user's location (latitude and longitude) to within a few meters.

With a GPS watch on your wrist, it's easy to keep track of your current location and speed, the direction and distance to your destination, and much more. You can program routes

in advance, save and chart trips, save the coordinates of interesting locations, or retrace your steps back to your starting point.

Even in terrain with no landmarks, or in conditions of low visibility, you'll know right where you are, and how to get to your destination. Suunto's current GPS watch is the Suunto X9i. It also includes an Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and advanced memory functions.

Click on the links below for reviews and detailed information the Suunto X9i GPS watch.

Casio Pro-Trek Navi Satellite GPS Watches

Introducing the all new:
Pro Trek Satellite Navi, the world's first built-in GPS capabilities. The new Protrek Navi Satellite comes with a host of newly improved features and functions, including a more compact design made possible by a rechargeable battery and a higher degree of water resistance.
Other features include multi-windowing for better data accessibility while on the move, and PC linking, which lets you manage your landmarks and waypoints on your computer for downloading to the watch when you need them.
Wear the watch that makes sure you always know where you are heading, and where you have been.
Satellite almanac data stored in memory for recall when it is needed. When a position measurements id performed, the watch uses the almanac data to predict the approximate location of the satellites, which eliminates the time required for satellite searches and greatly reduces GPS measurement times.
Current Time correction feature causes the current time setting to be corrected automatically bases on time data received from the satellites whenever the GPS watch successfully performs a GPS measurement.
How it all works:
  · Current Position
A position measurement is produced using data from at least three and as many as 12 satellites, and results are displayed as a latitude (N or S degrees, minutes, seconds) and longitude (E or W degrees, minutes, seconds). Read-outs can be used to instantly plot your position on a map, and UTM coordinates can be displayed for plotting your position anywhere on the globe.
There are three GPS measurement modes. The One Shot Mode performs single measurement with the press of a button. The Auto Mode takes measurements at a fixed interval, from 10 seconds to 60 minutes. The Continuous Mode continuously takes measurements each second.

3GStore.com is proud to offer our new
GPS Module for the Kyocera KR1 Router

The Kyocera KR1 has been our most popular EVDO Router and we've sold and supported thousands of units since its introduction. With the KR1 router mounted in a vehicle, everyone on board has easy access to the internet. Having a 'rolling hotspot' was already more than enough reason for many customers to buy their KR1 and a Sprint or Verizon card with monthly EVDO service.

Today, 3Gstore.com is announcing a new way to benefit from the KR1 Router with EVDO service: Our new GPS Module for the Kyocera KR1 Router provides customers the ability to use Google Earth to do RealTime GPS Tracking, with NO additional GPS tracking fees!

Our GPS Module consists of a transceiver that connects to the KR1's data port using our proprietary cable, custom KR1 firmware, and detailed PDF instruction manual. When properly installed, the KR1 uses the transceiver to determine the vehicle's realtime GPS position and makes that information available to Google Earth as often as once every 5 seconds!

Unlike many similar offerings we've found available, our solution does not require any monthly charges specific to GPS realtime tracking. However, the feature is dependent on the EVDO service that the KR1 is normally used for. EVDO monthly charges are $60 to $80/mo and allow customers to have unlimited access to web sites, email, instant messaging and other popular internet services. With our GPS Module, 3GStore customers who use their KR1 with EVDO service for internet access in their vehicle, will pay NOTHING EXTRA PER MONTH FOR REALTIME GPS TRACKING.

Installation is simple. Place the Garmin magnetic mount GPS on your vehicle's roof:

Attach the Garmin to your KR1 and plug the KR1 into your vehicle for power:

MainNav intros multi-talented Bluetooth, GPS watch
Taiwan's MainNav has just introduced its first GPS wristwatch. The MW-705 contains its own GPS receiver and serves as both its own tracker and as a complement to other devices. By itself, the watch provides basic coordinates as well as distance traveled and speed. An optional Bluetooth 2.0 transmitter, however, pairs the device with a cellphone or PDA to add live positioning in map software. Runners can also take advantage of a heart rate monitor and a thermometer to track their progress.

The ruggedized watch is waterproof and is powered by a lithium-ion battery, although battery life is unknown. The MW-705 should be available in its home country and has the possibility of reaching North America, although a release here hasn't been confirmed. [via GPS Gazette]


Technical Overview
install the modified KR1 Firmware (supplied on CD)
Setup free DynDNS (for Dynamic DNS)

Enter DynDNS info in KR1 Configuration
Plug the KR1 into your vehicle
Place the magnetic GPS on the vehicle roof
Install Free Google Earth
Add a new "Network Link" to Google Earth (DynDNS Info)
For users that don't want to fuss with the setup of your KR1. We have a service to upgrade your firmware, setup DynDNS so that all you have to do is plug in your KR1 and place the GPS on the roof. This setup service costs an additional $100. If you want to see what is involved with setup, you can download our KR1 GPS Manual.


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Already purchase a Verizon/Sprint Card or KR1 and want to save an additional $100? Contact us for your coupon codes before ordering. If order a new Verizon or Sprint Card with Service and a KR1, we will automatically discount your order the $100.

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Deep foliage, nor canyons phase the rugged eTrex Legend HCx. Its high-sensitivity GPS receiver GPS Tracker GPS Antenna GPS Logger holds a GPS signal in the toughest environments. Similar to the Legend Cx, this handheld navigator also has a bright color screen, microSD™ card slot and automatic routing for wherever adventure takes you.

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