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GPS combined with the GSM communication network

GSMGPS consists of the mobile equipment necessary to build an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) project. GSMGPS is based on a standard GSM modem combined with a Global Position System (GPS) receiver. The GSMGPS unit includes many features that are necessary for an advanced AVL system, or it can be used as a GPS tracking system where the user wants to follow and track vehicles equipped with the GSMGPS unit. 

GSMGPS features:

  • Communications can be either with GSM data call or SMS. Many customers prefer to use SMS, but it is a free choice.
  • Positions can be requested either as a single position or continuous positions, as long as there is a connection with the unit. The positions are returned in a standard NMEA format.
  • Historical recording of up to 2.500 positions are stored in the GSMGPS. The recording is based on time and/or speed.  GSMGPS can be configured to record only if the vehicle is moving.
  • The STOP function is implemented for the GSMGPS to report if the vehicle stops and report again when it starts to move again.
  • The Waypoint function is defined to create alarms, if and when a vehicle is entering or leaving a waypoint area. It is possible to combine the waypoint with one or more of the digital alarms. As an example, if the door sensor is activated in one of the waypoints no alarm is sent. If the door sensor opens outside a waypoint area then an alarm will be sent. 250 active waypoints can be entered into the system.
  • GSMGPS supports 4 digital IO points. The IO points can be connected to external sensors for added security. Install an alarm button in the vehicle. When the driver pushes the button, then an alarm will be sent with vehicle description, description of the alarm point activated and the position.
  • One-way voice communication is possible with the alarm function. If a microphone is connected to the GSMGPS and the alarm is activated, then the sounds and conversation in the vehicle can be listened in on. During this activation, the position is sent every 15 seconds as an SMS.
  • GSMGPS can send periodic position reports, either as  SMS or GSM data call. The position is sent based on the vehicle's speed and time or a combination of both.
  • An SMS can be sent at any time to the vehicle requesting a position to be returned as another SMS.  

GSMGPS firmware has been developed by Scan Project Solutions and is sold as licensed firmware with GSMGPS units that are shipped by SPS.  The firmware can be updated locally when a new release becomes available. 

GSMGPS can be used on the standard GSM900/1800 network. GSMGPS can also be ordered with support for the PC 1900 network which is used in the USA, Canada,  and several countries in South America.

  • Wireless communication:
    • Satellite positioning using 12-channel GPS-receiver
    • Wireless connectivity 900/1800/1900MHz GSM/GPRS, 3G, 800/1900MHz CDMA2000 1X for China and US
    • GSM-R, internal or external
    • TETRA using external terminal
  • Diagnostics with intelligent system temperature and operation monitoring
  • I2C-port for monitoring/debugging of the system (also at power off)
  • USB 2.0 with 2A drive for RSU-USB mass storage unit
  • Gigabit and 10/100Mbit Ethernet, Serial ports
  • Isolated digital I/O
  • VGA Analogue monitor output
  • Audio connectvity
  • Solid state mass storage for OS and application software
  • High endurance 20GB HDD for data (external, removable or internal fixed)
  • Rugged enclosure design
  • EN 50155, CE and ECE Regulation 10.02 compliance
  • IP65 Environmental protection class
  • Extended operating temperature range: -25 to 70蚓
  • Power consumption: 15W (min), 25W (max)
  • Weight: 1.5Kg (min), 3Kg (max)

Application Areas:

  • GSM-R Train AVL systems
  • Logistics and materials handling
  • Fleet management systems
  • Vehicle and driver data loggers

Drawings, diagrams and documentation:

  • Back connector view
  • Front connector view
  • Mechanical drawing
  • Rugged AVL User's Manual download
  • Guardian intelligent control system AppNote download
  • Linux Ethernet boot AppNote download
General Description:

The Eurotech "Rugged AVL" is a standard system platform designed for demanding mobile and vehicle installations. It combines a powerful freely programmable PC with advanced in-vehicle peripheral and bus connectivity.

System expansion and reconfiguration is easy due to the completely modular internal architecture and construction that bases on standard PC/104 and PC/104Plus board level products. The "Rugged AVL" combines 12-channel GPS satellite positioning with wireless cellular communication over GSM/GPRS/3G or CDMA2000 and data transfer using 10/100Mbit Ethernet. Local I/O expansion or connection to the vehicle bus is possible using the integrated CAN-bus interface. High performance peripherals may be connected to the enhanced high current drive USB 2.0 port that supports direct connection of external HDD units for mass storage. All Eurotech systems use 20GB high endurance automotive rated extended temperature range HDDs that ensures safe and long-term data storage under all environmental conditions

Automatic Vehicle Location Device.

The F-TRAC is an effective and low cost Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) device for professional use. The communication is based on SMS or GPRS. The F-TRAC unit also includes an intelligent data-logging capability based on time interval, distance and events.

The F-TRAC unit is a Plug & Play GSM/GPRS/GPS terminal with an embedded configurable software application. The device concept is targeting for direct implementation as a mobile client in a wide range of high volume, low-cost, flexible system solutions like AVL, fleet management, vehicle security and recovery and other related area. The tracking functionality of the embedded mobile client application is combined with variety of alert messaging capabilities.

F-TRAC unit can be programmed over the air to set up with I/O ports to receive emergency functions like road side assistance or disable the ignition. It's ideal for stolen car recovery, fleet management, rental car monitoring, road services, boating and many others.

The configurable alert messages contain current position and status report and use 4 digital inputs, 2 analogue inputs, 4 digital outputs, ignition and power input as hardware backbone. In addition to that two predefined digital inputs are detecting ignition line and main power (car battery) failure. These can be used to trigger alarms or monitor desired states/conditions. It also has 4 outputs for control. These outputs can be used to control different parameters inside the vehicle.

Depending on the specific system solution scenario four digital outputs allow the remote control of external actuators. The integrated two audio channels allow voice communication too.

The F-TRAC concept reduces the efforts for the creation of a turn key tracking and security solution to the definition of the server (dispatcher) application. In this way the time-to-market, the design-in risk and the total cost of solution are substantially reduced.


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